Here Again

Written by Amy Corbett, Chris Brown, and Steven Furtick

Essential Music Publishing LLC

CCLI# 7111925


This is a great invocation song. It recognizes the absolute necessity of the presence of God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit for any work we attempt to flourish. No prayer can matter, no worship song resound as true, no work of service prosper, and no life can be truly lived without the presence of God.


As a main song in the middle of a worship set, I like the key of A, playing in G, capo’d at 2. As a reprise, I like to lower it to G.

Use in Worship

While it’s advisable to begin a worship set with something vibrant and upbeat, this song can still be a good starter for a service to invite God into the service as we take honest looks at who we are and what we need.

It is also a pretty good song to repeat later in the service for song of commitment or invitation style song.

Scriptural Basis

The idea of insufficiency without God in the moment calls back to the man who begged Jesus for a miracle to save his child.

24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24 ESV)

The simple admittance that we aren’t even enough to believe without His help to do even that is an important recognition on a journey toward true and vibrant faith.


Can’t go back to the beginning
Can’t control what tomorrow will bring
But I know here in the middle
Is the place where you promise to be

I’m not enough unless you come
Will you meet me here again
‘Cause all I want is all you are
Will you meet me here again

As I walk now through the valley
Let your love rise above every fear
Like the sun shaping the shadow
In my weakness your glory appears

Not for a minute
Was I forsaken
The Lord is in this place
The Lord is in this place

Come Holy Spirit
Dry bones awaken
The Lord is in this place
The Lord is in this place

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