Do it Again

Song By Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Matt Redman, Steven Furtick

Capitol CMG Publishing, Essential Music Publishing LLC

CCLI# 7067555


This one happens in two parts.

Part one is introspective and looks at honestly assessing how challenges in life cause us to assess our faith. I will caution you that the use of the word, “yet” really gets under people’s skin. Read my blog here for more analysis on that conversation.

Part two is like the sun coming out through the clouds, affirming God’s power, supremacy, and permission to do His will.


I like A for this song. I play G capo’d at 2 with the C2, Em7, and G2 chords.

Use in Worship

I like this song for services that are going to use the idea often about God’s supremacy and provision. If we are going to ask people to believe, we need them to recognize they are believing in a power that they cannot always see. Broken people come to church and we need to invite them into their place of worship as members and not as embarrassing outsiders.

Scriptural Basis

The opening lines about walking around walls is a callback to the battle at Jericho. It’s important to note that as we ask people to approach their problems the way God prescribes that we must also investigate how humans have always approached God’s will. It’s often very strange to us and we might even be uncertain until the moment of His victory is actually upon us.

The affirmation in the bridge that God forges a way when no way is available is the basis of the idea of miracles. See the crossing of the Red Sea, the virgin birth, the propitiation of sins, and reconciliation to the Father.


Walking around these walls
I thought by now they’d fall
But You have never failed me yet
Waiting for change to come
Knowing the battle’s won
For You have never failed me yet

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I’m still in Your hands
This is my confidence,

You’ve never failed me yet

I know the night won’t last
Your Word will come to pass
My heart will sing Your praise again
Jesus, You’re still enough
Keep me within Your love
My heart will sing Your praise again

I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again

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