Love Trumps Hate

Photo by Lluís Domingo on Unsplash

Dear Us,

lunchtime thought:

I saw a bumper sticker on my morning drive this morning. I have seen it many times it’s very simple


It became popular after the 2016 election.

2 thoughts:

1. the proper word to use here is “hatred”
2. this is a popular phrase used by people resisting the perceived bigotry of the current administration. Here’s my problem. Most of the people who post this idea up, wait with bated breath until the president makes yet another intolerable statement or takes another untenable position. After such time, they rush breathlessly to spew their ideas all over the internet, social media platforms, relatives, and co-workers.

In other words, their bumper sticker should actually read


Conclusion: Do not wait for “the other side” to say something so inflammatory and ungraceful just to rush out and explode all over the world about how bad they are.

Look for good things. Wait for them. And share those things. It is focus upon what is great and noble that will raise us up together as a society, across political affiliations, toward tomorrow.

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