February 10, 2019

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

We’re wrapping up our series about life, love, hope, pursuit of the future, and forgiveness of the past in the presence of God. Soon, we will begin a series on God’s call for all people to represent the Kingdom to all people within the worlds into which God calls and sends us.

Effectively, we are going to discuss the lives we build. Frankly, I love any story that includes the phrase “I built a life from…” It assumes personal responsibility for a long progressing work with the freedom to choose a direction, the blessing to gather the resources with which to build, and empowerment to assemble the resources into a life. Solomon once wrote a Psalm about building, since he knew a thing or two about the process.

Unless the Lord builds a house,

its builders labor over it in vain;

unless the Lord watches over a city,

the watchman stays alert in vain.

Psalm 127:1 HCSB

In that, we know that the work we expend must be massive. It must be exhaustive. We must spare no expense in building the lives we pursue. And in the end, once our sweat is completely poured out and there is nothing left to give, we must wait. Sure, we might see fruit returned from what we have done, but the real accomplishment of our work does not come within the timing we require. Occasionally, but not as often as we want, the results are complete and immediate.

More often, though, our labor stretches its harvest out throughout our lives.

That’s why we all it “building a life” and not “building a Tuesday.” Although, if you want to build a Tuesday, there are a lot of Monday-hating worker bees in this world that will probably throw you a ticker tape parade.

In our lives, we start the ultimate building project when Christ saves us from the brink of destruction. In that moment, we discover, not only that our lives have worth, but to whom that value belongs. “My life is Yours, my heart is Yours, my love is Yours forever!”

Following the moment when we surrender life, my great hope is that each of us carries a story of someone who has been a champion for us enough to mentor us in the way of discipleship. We need to know how to follow Christ in a way that our whole life is involved. We need to live, not only in the hope that we will never die, but also in the promise that we now live free. Freedom has some daunting responsibilities, but the great reward is living in unashamed sight of who God is.

“I have lived in the goodness of God,” we sing in the new Bethel song “The Goodness of God.”

The delight of living in that goodness, in the life that we build… in the life that God builds as we build it… the great delight of life is that once we are caught, we are still pursued. I talked with a student recently who realized that she doesn’t just want to be pursued by a good guy, but wants that pursuit to persist throughout life. She wants a guy to be unrelenting in his creative, loving, respectful, and passionate pursuit of her.

It’s amazing how our hearts long after the huge love of God.

Your goodness is running after

It’s running after me

Bethel 2019

One of the great products of true and faithful love is hope. When God consistently and persistently shows us that He will never abandon us and will always be faithful, even in moments that we are faithless, it causes an upwelling of hope within us. Hope is coupled with faith, and as we build our hope, our faith grows. Last week, we talked about how faith is build in the crossroad of our great need and the dawning of the reality of God upon our hearts.

Hope then is built upon the righteousness of God, consistently draped across our future, a garment bathed in the purifying blood of the Lamb slain at calvary’s crest.

Life is built upon the mercy and love of God. Faith is built upon our need and His reality. Hope is built upon his consistency and love. Love grows within us because of that life, and we are empowered to be God’s people forever, an outpouring of His love for a world lost and needing a good God.

Again, this Sunday, please come. We are ecstatic to celebrate this life given to us to live by Jesus the savior. We would love to celebrate one more soul at 147 E Hurst Blvd. You will be welcome and instant family.

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