January 27, 2019

Featured image Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

I’ll sing, I’ll dance

My heart will overflow

From the day You saved my soul!

Adam Palmer, Jonathan Smith, Matthew Hein and Stephanie Kulla 2014

I understand why. I really do, but I have a hard time letting it go. On occasion, we have to remember, those of us saved by grace through faith that the initial days of meeting God are a weird and melodramatic time. Many of us are still there, too!

Many of us have accepted salvation and gone on to just sit there and not move on into faith. Many people don’t realize that the real journey of faith begins with the great surrender of the soul and then deepens. One of my favorite songs from last decade once questioned the depth of her faith and compared it to playing on the shoreline of the vast ocean of God’s reality.

Yes, even in the early 2000’s we were writing about the ocean of God’s greatness.

There is a depth we must adventure to enjoy.

But we must never forget the joy of that first contact. From the very day we are saved, our hearts commit to the celebration of freedom! And we must carry that celebration into deep times of great introspection. What a great moment to endure the transition and realize not only are we set free, but that freedom is terrifying and in that freedom, we need the comfort and guidance of the One who does not fear the future.

I need Thee, O I need Thee

Every Hour I need Thee

Oh, bless me now, my savior

I come to thee

Robert Lowry 1872

And in our discovery of our need for God is our faith deepened. The reason it becomes so deep so quickly is that we must go from a potent understanding of our need to the invariable discovery of our own inadequacy. We find we need much and see so little available at the extend of our own labors. People create communities to fill the gaps of ability and yet there is still a massive gap in the fullness we seek.

Finally, in the moment of absolute honesty, we discover that only God will fill that need and we find that He is not an attention seeking drama queen like many of the suppliers we know in life. He calls glory to His name, but not undo attention. He does not give to us so that He might draw more desirable followers. He gives in such a way that makes us feel like the primary purpose for His giving. He gives, and He gives, and He gives, and sometimes He even lets us know He’s doing it.

And the thing we seem to need more of than anything else right now?

Peace, be still, say the word and I will set my feet upon the sea

Till I’m dancing in the deep

Sing peace, peace over me

Mia Fieldes, Andrew Holt, and Hope Dorst 2017

One of the most compelling pictures of peace is that of Jesus sleeping in the ship while the storm threatened the lives of His crew. Peace comes from God because He understands it. He lives it. He distributes it the way that song birds distribute their melody first thing in the morning, and the way that dark clouds distribute thunder and lightning across the plains.

Jesus embodied peace and He lives. One of the great questions that is asked during the living of a life is eventually the “why.” Why do you want to live well? What are you living for? What is the purpose of having a comfortable heartbeat?

Because He lives I can face tomorrow

Because He lives all fear is gone

Because I know He holds the future

And life is worth the living

Just because He lives

Bill Gaither 1971

We seek His presence because He gives us the ability to celebrate life to the fullest, plumb reality to its deepest, experience peace to its profoundest quiet, and know purpose at its greatest. We seek His presence because He redeems the past and “holds the future.” (Gaither) We seek Him and time spent in reality with Him because it is the greatest pursuit to which we can commit.

This Sunday, we’ll seek, yet again. Will you join us?

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