Holiday- Sept 3

We’re here in Dallas for this one. Labor Day and all that. Leo got his blood drawn. There was more drama in preparing for the blood draw than the actual draw. Poor little dude has so much scar tissue on his arm veins that they have to draw labs from his hand now. It’s different here where they don’t go through the port to draw blood. They go for the veins in the arms and hands. Probably saves on expensive port access equipment. I dunno.

Today should be easy. Just a quick blood report. Figuring that his ANC is still super low. Then shot 3 of 6. Once shot 6 goes in next week, we are officially done with delayed intensive. In the past I have been hesitant. Now, I’m just ready. I’m ready for the next part of life to begin for this family where we are more mobile, capable to enjoy the fullness of company and friendship of the people with whom we are forging family friendships.

There’s a world of options at our disposal and soon we are heading into it. We just need to walk this trail just a few more steps.

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