Hair- August 2

Prayer answered.

And then some.

The steroids that the doctors have for Leo have his appetite going bananas. Feeding him for the last week has been like feeding a fifteen year old perpetually coming home from football practice.

The drugs that have been going into his blood stream have finally taken their toll on his hair. It was beginning to fall out at a rate high enough that he and Peter and I gathered into daddy’s barber shop (aka my bathroom) put on their favorite show, and shaved us all.

Kids are super cute bald.

I’m just me.

Leo’s legs have been hurting. His tummy has hurt (cuz that food has to go somewhere). Even his arm has hurt form the poky hair. He has been struggling to deal with the sensation fo the pain.

His immune numbers are astronomically good. Below 750 is risky. Below 500, we’re going to bathe you in disinfectant if you come into our house. He’s at like 2,700. I mean. We can go lick people.

Watch out. We might lick you.

The constant for how this has gone well and how we keep going is that I am married to an extraordinary woman. Leo has woken up in Th middle of the middle of the night the last few nights wanting to eat again. She has fed him multiple bowls of rice, which he craves with soy sauce. She has fed him bowls of chili, spaghetti, green tortillas, Gummi bears, pretzel sticks… Then she wakes up first thing to him crawling into bed with her. And then she feeds a baby. Then she loves dramatically and awesomely an entire family while I leave to work.

That’s what’s going on. Food in. Hair out. One month left.

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