Reality- July 25

I don’t have any photos of what went down. Just my imagination really. As soon as I walked away from the large charter bus with the dark windows I spent the next seven hours suppressing my imagination and just waiting. The bus, carrying my little lion took off for Camp John Marc. It was loaded down with a dozen and a half little children. All preschool age. All with some phase and stage of cancer. Some were bald, some recovering from the hair loss. Some looked terrified.

Mine was ready for me to get off of the bus.

When we picked him up, he had some scuffing on his face, elbow, and knee. That was the second thing I noticed. The first thing I saw was the bag of uneaten popcorn in his hands.

“Peter!” He shouted as we got off the bus. “I got this for you!”

He managed to bring a bag of popcorn and Lammy home with himself. Testament to the love and devotion he holds for his family.

Yes. Lammy is family. I worried about him almost as much as Leo.

He came home the victorious fisher man. He came home to find his brother and sister in possession of new running shoes and school backpacks. He came home and consumed a little bit of a sonic hotdog and three bowls of chili.

He slept through the whole night and headed right out the door with me this morning for another hospital day.

Today was different. He did not want to come to the hospital anymore. This place isn’t fun anymore. It’s a place he has to go to. He comes here to be hurt and poisoned and leave confused and tired.

And today, once we leave, we leave with ten days until the next appointment. He gets a break.

But time isn’t an easy concept when you’re 4. You suffer and your suffering is your entire reality. You wait for something and lacking it defines you, with no real anticipation of receiving. You miss family and they are nowhere to be found.

Just three more hours and then ten days off. Not a bad trade.

Thanks for praying, family. We miss those of you who we do not see. We can’t value enough the time we get with those of you who are here. Please pray his numbers come in high enough so that we can have some unfettered, unmasked, family time this weekend.

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