My Little Lion- June 21

“Daddy, we’re not on planet Earth anymore. We’re in Texas.”

First words out this morning on day two of what we hope will be only three. This is the fourth time we’ve done this regimen. It will be the last of its kind before moving on to the next one in two weeks. We likely won’t do any more admissions adventures.

We hope.

Desiree and the kids dropped us off yesterday. Leo and I walked in with our adventure bags and got to know the new clinic people. While the Dallas hospital was so busy that they missed on actually impressing on Leo that this was a place for him to feel safe and happy, the nurse yesterday (who was once a Hawaii “auntie” and so wore the title gladly) showed him where the toys live. She showed him where the popsicles live. She gave him one of each.

When it was time for the blood draw, Leo had the least drama ever. When it was time for the port access, the nurse snuck it in so quickly that he didn’t have time to complain about the poke he couldn’t feel.

I was impressed and grateful.

He was in good spirits, anticipating pizza and a movie in his room.

This is our best start to an inpatient cycle we’ve ever done.

We arrived to the room and Leo found the bed and the tv. I found the light switches, the door controls, the outlets for charging phone and iPad. Nurses introduced themselves and doctors rounded.

He chose his movie for this admission.

My Little Pony.

At least. It’s not. Moana.

Pizza showed up. He scarfed.

Then a child started screaming.

She screamed all night until about one in the morning.

I don’t know how they’re handling this because I would lose it after ten minutes of the throat shredding screaming this little girl was doing. I’m fairly certain that this floor is not just for oncology. It might be a broken bone or something. I don’t know. What I’m certain of, though, is that those parents are going through something right now for which they need prayer. They need strength. They need that poor kid to have comfort sooner than later.

I’m looking forward to Desiree showing up with the kids today. Leo comes out of his shell so much quicker when his mama is around. He loves to show his space off to Peter and instantly fight with Johanna over something in the room.

Today is going to be a good day and we’re strong today.

Thanks for your prayers friends and family. We’re where we’re supposed to be.

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