Out There… – January 12

In here is the trampled ground of our first battle.

Out there is the unknown high ground we seek to claim before the next trumpet sounds.

In here are experts at the push of a button.

Out there is a phone call and a “hold” button.

In here is food prepared by health conscious experts with no taste buds.

Out there is doubt on the stove.

In here is hope.

Out there is more.

In here our bags are packing for the journey home.

Out there is an island. On that island is a town. In that town there’s a house. And in that house are two boys, a momma, and a daughter. And in them we find hearts bigger than galaxies, hope stronger than terror, the future more brilliant than phosphorus burning, and family.

Out there is more family than what has our last name. In them are hearts that hold ours up.

We’re in here.

We’re going out there.


Categories: Leo

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