March 13

Lammy standing by.

LP days are a challenge because they have to sedate which means that Leo can’t eat. There’s not really any way to explain to him why that’s a thing without scaring the poo out of him. It just sounds like doctors are straight kookie dookes monsters who don’t like little boys.

Ya know.

I was happy to hear that he’s hungry. I hate that it makes him cry. But he barely ate anything all weekend. He dropped half a kilo of weight. Not sure what that is in pounds. He feels skinny again.

Last night he ate two eggs. For breakfast he ate a waffle. He played. He smiled. He laughed. He misbehaved.

It’s weird to thank God for hunger. But I’m thankful today that he has the desire for food, even if its lack causes him a little pain. And it helps me push through the weeping.

I’ve been through enough sedations to know that he’s fighting them right now. I can hear it. He is strong and I’ll take that too.

I’ll take this whole life, in fact. It’s mine.

And I’m thankful.

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