Laugh- March 9

This little boy makes me laugh. This week was a roller coaster. It started with me thinking it was a routine visit. We were on tilt silly. Then Leo sprung an allergic reaction. Nothing dramatic aside from not being able to drip the meds.

Then he sprang a fever.

But his ANC is high. So he’s not supposed to get sick doggonnit. And so I woke up every hour to check his temp. There’s a threshold temp where we’re supposed to call. When he passed it, I get better.

I now had permission to pester a highly paid medical professional at 2 in the morning. Last time we passed that threshold, we had to stay at the hospital. Now, though, because it is not an infection, we’re rendering care at home.

It would be a challenge if there weren’t anything else going on.

I have a large project for ministry that culminates next week. So this week is when things get wonky. I have three papers due on Monday, totalling 40 Pages all told. The job hunt has heated up. Coordinating volunteers for children’s ministry is accelerating.

And we have Désirée’s mom in town.

And it looks sometimes like everything is trying to catch fire. I try to assure myself that if I work hard, smart, and thorough enough that i can compel everything to be ok tomorrow. But every time I turn around, something is out of sorts.

I got a message on Wednesday that a friend from college had been in an accident. The message said that he was not going to survive. I got home and googled the particulars and found an online article. It quoted his dad about what was going on. I put myself in his Dad’s shoes and couldn’t imagine that moment when you know.

It brought such terrible clarity to my moment. Though Leo’s tummy was hurting and his mood degrading, there’s blood on the way. And he and I get to play and be silly.

He makes me laugh. He loves to laugh.

I don’t need things to be guaranteed tomorrow now.

Or even an hour from now.

I have right now and that’s a whole lot.

Leo just told me a nonsense knock knock joke.

It made no sense.

He smiled huge at the end.

He makes me laugh.

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