Cinco de Waito- May 5

Still waiting on the level of the medication that was administered to go down to acceptable levels. No appetite for three days running. He’s still level headed; all things considered. The hospital theater is showing greatest showman today so we’re gonna go crash that while we wait for him to pee out the rest of the meds.

Y’all. I’m grateful.

This medication course is lethal to leukemia cells and the process of rescuing the body from the after effects is amazing to hear explained. He might lose his hair. Whatever. He’s cute bald. He might lose weight. Whatever, he can regrow his butt. He might be very grumpy. Whatever. We can laugh about it together when I’m an old man.

“Colossal we come these renegades in the rain

Where the lost get found in the crown of the circus king…

It’s everything you ever want…

Everything you ever need…

Here right in front of you…

This is where you want to be.”TGS

Categories: Leo

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