Always Forward- April 14

Leo’s counts are the lowest they’ve ever been. So he gets the week off of chemo. It times out perfect with our departure from Hawaii and lets us integrate to the next hospital nearly seamlessly. On Friday when I took him in for his sixth of six shots to replace the one to which he had an allergic reaction he weighed the least he has weighed since August. His appetite this weekend was nearly non-existent. Nothing tasted good. Some stuff sounded good but when he tasted it he would despair. It was robbery of simple joys from a little boy who has already had so much taken.

On Sunday, Desiree took some brats and some steak out of the freezer. Leo was interested. I cooked the meat and he watched intently. I sliced the steak and sausage and suddenly his appetite came a roaring back.

You know. Like a lion.

In the last 72 hours we have made every food he has requested, uncertain for when his appetite goes again. Monday the people at the hospital told us his counts were too low for the lumbar puncture so he got a week off.

And suddenly he gets to be a boy again. Granted, he can’t do it around actual people right now aside from family. But I was doing school work yesterday, standing and writing an essay and the kids were making a blanket fort right next to me. There was the general din of kids making believe about their safety and the oncoming assault of their greatest foe… whoever they’ve invented for the day. Then suddenly resounded the loudest flatulent report ever. And the tent emptied of cackling occupants.

The next ten minutes was wall to wall laughter and fart jokes. It was amazing.

Next week we have our first of four three day inpatient treatments. Those will go until we leave the island.

The house is in escrow.

We signed a lease for a house north of Dallas.

Life is full and forward moving.

Always forward.

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