Dear Us,

I love the word “zeitgeist”. It translates from German literally as “time ghost.” The accurate usage means “spirit of the times.”

One example of our zeitgeist of 2016 is the continued obsession with zombies. The nineties were host to a vampire obsession. The following decade looked at non traditional tropes, but eventually we settled into zombies. And it’s zombies for as many reasons as there are people to obsess. It’s political, it’s spiritual, it’s emotional. But it’s here and we interact with it. Whine about it all you wish, but seriously, it’s time wasted. You’re fighting a ghost after all.

Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders.

The political establishment.

The political insurgency.

This is our zeitgeist.

I feel sorry for the two men listed above. They think their popularity has to do with them like they hit the personality jackpot and came out winners. Sorry guys, it’s not about you.

I feel strongly about the two movements listed above. Their conflict is distracting to many. It is necessary. The character of American politics and government and the way it will effect our lives for the next few decades hangs in the balance.
Do you know that the origins of the mafia in Sicily began as a way to protect the people from the corruption in their government? Justice was unavailable to the common man, so men rose up to protect their community. Eventually, they became powerful enough a force in their communities that the corrupt government took notice and found their subjects were no longer theirs. They began to treat with the mob so they could gain riches if they couldn’t have power. That reversal gave the mafia influence in the structure they incorporated to act in opposition to. Thirty years later, the mafia owned the government in Sicily. The Mediterranean island was a ruined cautionary tale. Years of vendetta, decades of decay, the gathering and hoarding of power, turned the mafia, “the refuge” into a structure so bloated and complex that there was no longer a merciful sanctuary available for the common man.

It’s a pretty common story. Man seeks to serve his community. He organizes to do so. His organization bloats. The organization becomes self serving. The community begins to suffer. The community rebels. A central figure or movement emerges to protect and serve the community. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s how the Republican Party came into being. It’s why we have an FBI.

It’s why Donald Trump, a cruel megalomaniac, and Bernie Sanders, a socialist who looks more at home feeding pigeons in the park than executing the federal law of the land. It’s why them. And Ted Cruz.

After watching the affordable care act, the executive actions on immigration, and the budget showdown, I lost my belief that the GOP had the intention of standing on principle. They weren’t just compromising, they were giving away core values at discount prices, at the expense of those people who sought protection from massive government overreach. They have become power brokers for the purpose of dealing in power. The people matter when the ballot box casts a shadow. They are a nuisance when deals are made and it sees the light of day.

In The Dark Knight Rises, you have a city, rotten at its core, but not yet beyond the pale. You have a mega villain who aims to see the city destroyed and reinvented from the ashes. You have a hero that everyone despises, who cannot be bought, who is unconcerned about his image, but more concerned about ridding Gotham of the dry rot in order to save it.

Bane and Batman. Trump and Cruz.

Let’s be frank. Trump winning a candidacy and presidency ends the GoP as we know it. In its place, a beast much greedier, much less humane, less constitutional is forecast. I’ll be more frank. I prefer that to the hot mess we have now. I support Trump only because I’m sick of the way the Republican Party works. I hate the way it attacks Trump. It’s classless. It harms the people who support him. I think trump is dangerous. Like a hungry bear. The republican establishment is worse. It’s a metastatic cancer. I’ll take the bear.

How. Ever. I prefer Cruz. He is hard to support. He’s about as charismatic as a colonoscopy and twice as creepy. His recent defense of his wife looked like a 13 year old boy trying to defend the honor of his girlfriend because the cooler tougher guy in the school is making him look like a bad boyfriend. Those pieces make it hard to support him.

How. Ever. Cruz doesn’t sell out principles to the establishment to receive their blessing. He doesn’t make deals that sell out people. He doesn’t come across as compassionate, except that his policies take care of people a hundred and awesome percent. A big argument is that Cruz isn’t liked. I’ll bet he isn’t. Uncompromising men are often hated. The left hates him because he’s an evangelical who might ask God what decision he might make as president. The right hates him because he’s not asking them in the same process.

If Cruz wins, the Republican Party will lose much of its clout. It will be changed in a different way from a trump victory. It will be hollowed of its corruption. But it survives.

The GoP doesn’t survive Trump.

I prefer Cruz.

I’m ok with either.

The ghost of our times is. Fight against it. Rail. Kick goads. Waste your time. Or participate.

I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.



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