You Have to Start Somewhere

Dear Us,

For the longest time we have had a special relationship.  Its magnificence has been in unity.  It has been in lovely affection.  Our relationship espouses everything we want for our future.  But recently, I’ve been looking out of the corner of my eye.  You’ve seen it too, haven’t you?  That movement that distracts… the little attention getting twitch… And we don’t want to look, because we’re afraid.  Like a football huddle, we’re so inwardly focused that anything that would distract our attention outward is instantly wrong, bad and needs to be forgotten.  It’s like the oxford comma I just left out… it’s a distraction.

Us, I have begun to look outside of our huddle and I’ve discovered something that we’ve talked about in theory.  It’s a group of people that challenge the way that we think, the way that we believe and the way that we are.  I know that you have looked too.  You have seen… it’s them…

Pardon how much this will hurt your grammatical sensibilities… i would call Them by any other name, but no other name is as appropriate and as potent to what we have done to ThemThem make us uncomfortable.  They don’t believe what we believe, or look like us, or talk like us, or vote like us, or raise kids like us, or forget oxford commas like us.  Them has some views that are utterly wrong, but Them possesses humanity that is utterly worthwhile to their creator.  Them does things on occasion that has Us shake heads and quite patronizingly comment as though we weren’t part of the situation.  Them needs recognition and patience, just like Us.  Unfortunately, Them has been watching Us and is beginning to fight back against a lifetime of marginalization with some of the same tactics that parts of Us didn’t even realize we were using.

The critical need for unity is so great that I’ve made a choice, Us.  I’m leaving the huddle and looking fully at the beauty that is the people of Them.  What’s most important, the thing I’ve seen that is of greatest need starts and ends with LOVE.  I’m going to say some pretty frank things about the Them, to demystify Them, to humanize Them, and to reconcile Us.  Because, in the end, they are Us.  In this world, on this planet, it’s only Us.

It’s just Us.

But I’m leaving the herd to walk with Them.  I am Them.

Join me, discuss with me, walk with me, teach me and correct me.  But don’t try to take me back into the place of the huddle, where we try to comfort ourselves by consenting to the exclusion of Them.  I will stand in the huddle, but only with my face outward from Us.  I’m done defining myself in the Us without Them.

The world is waiting.



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